Arthritides and Other Inflammatory Diseases

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Connective tissue disorder associated with the CREST syndrome
Number of joints affected in RA
Inflammatory skin disorder of the genitals associated with reactive arthritis
Which stage of sleep is usually disturbed in patients with fibromyalgia
Name the R of the CREST syndrome
Arthritis often associated with history of GI or GU infections two weeks prior
Most commonly affected joint in CPPD
Painful muscles without actual inflammation
Arthritis characterized by 'lower back pain'
Deposition of monosdium urate crystals within a joint causing arthritis
Mineral salt associated with gout
Most common causative agent (i.e. strain of bacterial) of septic arthritis
Polymyalgia rheumatica most commonly affects patients of _____ descent
Large vessel vasculitis affecting the aorta in older individuals
Arthritis with associated skin lesions characterized by 'silvery plaques'
Vasculitis most commonly associated with smokers
Number of joints affected by spondyloarthropathy
Triad of Reiter's Syndrome (Joints)
Triad of Reiter's Syndrome (Genitourinary)
Deposition of calcium pyrophosphate crystals within a joint causing arthritis
Skin disorder associated with reactive arthritis
Pattern of attack for RA (i.e. symmetry)
Pattern of attack for spondyloarthropathy (i.e. symmetry)
Polyarteritis Nodosa/PAN is most commonly associated with ____ __ (viral infection)
Number of tender joints in diagnosis of fibromyalgia (minimum out of 18)
Chronic, autoimmune mediated inflammatory disease (i.e. an arthritide)
Triad of Reiter's Syndrome (Eyes)
Most commonly prescribed lab test in diagnosing SLE (name one)
Mineral salt associated with CPPD/Pseudogout
Common lab test used to diagnose Spondyloarthropathy
Name the E of the CREST syndrome
Multi-organ, multi-system autoimmune disease characterized by malar rash
Name the S of the CREST syndrome
Medium vessel vasculitis commonly associated with hepatitis
Most commonly affected joint in rheumatoid arthritis (in the foot)
Name the T of the CREST syndrome
A photosensitive rash present in patients with SLE
Medical term for 'sausage digit'
Most commonly affected joints in psoriatic arthritis
Most common causative agent (i.e. strain of bacteria) of septic arthritis in sexually active individuals
Type of vasculitis most commonly associated with polymyalgia rheumatica
Arthritis in SLE most closely mimic which other type of arthritis
'Wear and tear' arthritis
Large vessel vasculitis affecting the aorta in younger, female patients
Name the C of the CREST syndrome

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