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_______ b****es better be using jimmies!
Allen Gamble 
Oh, look! He's ______
Allen Gamble 
I'm like a _______, you gotta let me fly!
Terry Hoitz 
Hope you like prison food...and _____
And remember, always try not to be _____ and hispanic
I'm gonna do you, ______ style!
Allen Gamble 
I need an __!
Allen Gamble 
Did you yell _______ when you stepped on the gas pedal?
Terry Hoitz 
I feel like we're litarally driving around in a ______.
Terry Hoitz 
Yeah, you know what that's called when they do that in there? Its called a ____ kitchen.
Precinct Officer 
Gator needs his ___, punk ass b****.
Allen Gamble 
I got so drunk last night. I thik I thought a tube of __________ was astronuat food.
Allen Gamble 
You can't have a __________ in the pimp game.
Terry Hoitz 
You think because of the beard i'm really hairy. I'm not....______.
I have six cd's of ______ _____ ____ in my car at all times.
Allen Gamble 

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