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The KingDies
How many Heyenas were there?Just like hewie dewie and lewie
What is the song that plays while Nala and Simba are meeting up in the jungle?Cn yu fl te le tt
In #2 what song does the Monkey sing?UI
What is the name of the second movie?Whos Pride is It
What is the name of the first movie?Name of Quiz
What does Timon refer to the monkey as?Rafiki
What are the Lions known as who don't live in Pride Rock?Kovu was one
What is the song that Timon and Pumba sing to Simba?ha ma
Kiaras play mate at a young age grows up to avenge ScarAbandons Home
In what year did Lion King come out?1990's
He wants to be kingMufasas Brother
The PrinceSon of Mufasa
Simbas DaughterKovus playmate
What kind of animal is Timon?#8
Who are Timon and Pumba?Warthog and Meerkat
What is the plan for Kovu?Kill Someone
Simbas best friend whom he marriesTough girl
What does Simba sing on the way to the Waterhole?i jt ct wt t b kg
Where do the Lions live?The Prideland
What is the monkeys name?Crazy Monkey
What kind of animal is Pumba?#8

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