Which NBA Team Do You Belong On?

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Can you answer the following questions to determine what NBA team would be the best fit for you?

What type of place would you prefer to play in?
A Big City
Warm Weather
East Coast
Lots Of Fans
Cold Weather
West Coast
Doesn't Matter
Big Home Court Advantage
Historical Town
You get benched. What do you do?
Refuse To Sit
Accept Mistake
Help Coach
Run To The Locker Room
Help Players
Do Nothing
Express Joy
I Never Get Benched
You're given the ball with a chance to win the game. What do you do?
Take A Three-Pointer
Find A Big Man
Go To The Paint
Look For The Best Shot
Turn The Ball Over
Find The Open Man
Give It To The Best Player
This Never Happens
You suffer an injury. What do you do?
Try Your Best To Play
Injuries Don't Bother Me
I Was Never Injured Before
Sit Out As Long As Needed
Rest To Prepare For The Playoffs
I Won't Get Injured
Rest For A Minute
How do you play defensively?
Double Team
Let Someone Else Handle It
Hands Out, Stay In Front
I'm The Best In The League
Defense Wins Championships
Effort Counts
Go For The Steal
Offense Leads to Defense
What do you want from the team that drafts you?
Good Coach
Star Players
I Want To Be A Leader
Veteran Players
I Was Born A Winner
#1 Overall Pick
Starting Spot
Don't Mind Rebuilding First
Doesn't Matter
Pick a color.
Pick a legend.
Michael Jordan
Karl Malone
Allen Iverson
Magic Johnson
Wilt Chamberlain
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Larry Bird
Hakeem Olajuwon
Oscar Robertson

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