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Can you name the four letter words in this themed word ladder about phones?

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HintWord4-Letter Word
✆A type of phone that you can carry around: ____phone.✆1
✆You put in a number and click the ____ button.✆2
Size of NBA players3
✆While on the phone, you ____ to communicate.✆4
Nail; strategy5
Prepare to travel6
Start a fight7
Cafe owner in 'Casablanca'8
Where to skate9
✆When someone wants to contact you, your phone begins to ____.✆10
Google's rival11
An explosive sound12
Dangle on the wall13
Contraction for 'has not'14
To grasp15
Mobile structure16
✆A message on a phone in words: ____ message.✆17
First in line18
HintWord4-Letter Word
Oscar winner Patricia20
Give out cards21
✆Putting in the numbers of the phone numbers.✆22
Flavoring for pickles23
Barbie, Cabbage Patch Kid, e.g.24
-ege, -ateral, -ect, e.g.25
✆The chord of a phone is often in a ____.✆26
✆For public phones, you have to put this in it.✆27
Son of Genesis28
Real last name of actor William Conrad29
Walk support30
✆iPhone app where you can look at someone when talking: ____[Rung 35].✆32
Piece of armor33
Get under control34
✆iPhone app where you can look at someone when talking: [Rung 32]____.✆35

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