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Can you name the baseball statistic based on the 5 all-time leaders in that stat?

Updated May 13, 2013

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Ba. Bonds, Aaron, Ruth, Mays, Griffey, Jr. 
Ba. Bonds, R. Henderson, Ruth, T. Williams, Morgan 
Cobb, Hornsby, J. Jackson, O'Doul, Delahanty 
S. Crawford, Cobb, Wagner, Beckley, Connor 
T. Williams, Ruth, McGraw, B. Hamilton, Gehrig 
Rose, Yastrzemski, Aaron, R. Henderson, Cobb 
R. Henderson, Cobb, Ba. Bonds, Aaron/Ruth 
R. Jackson, Thome, Sosa, Galarraga, Canseco 
Speaker, Rose, Musial, Cobb, Biggio 
Aaron, Ruth, Anson, Ba. Bonds, Gehrig 
Rose, Cobb, Aaron, Musial, Speaker 
Jennings, Biggio, Tucker, Baylor, Kendall 
Ruth, T. Williams, Gehrig, Pujols, Foxx 
Ruth, Ba. Bonds, Cobb, Mays, Aaron 
Walsh, Joss, Devlin, Pfiester, J. Wood 
Ryan, Carlton, P. Niekro, Wynn, Feller 
Cy Young, W. Johnson, Alexander, Mathewson, Galvin 
Cy Young, Galvin, Mathews, P. Niekro, Perry 
Joss, Walsh, Rivera, Ward, P. Martinez 
Orosco, Stanton, Franco, Eckersley, Wilhelm 
Weyhing, Fraser, Hawley, W. Johnson, R. Johnson/Plank 
Hoffman, Rivera, L. Smith, Franco, Wagner 
Ryan, R. Johnson, Clemens, Carlton, Blyleven 
W. Johnson, Alexander, Mathewson, Cy Young, Plank 
Mullane, Ryan, M. Welch, Mathews, Keefe/Weyhing 
Cy Young, Ryan, Sutton, Maddux, P. Niekro 
Moyer, Roberts, Jenkins, P. Niekro, Sutton 
Cy Young, Galvin, Ryan, W. Johnson, P. Niekro 

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