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Episode TitlesSitcomYears
'A Benihana Christmas' 'Casino Night'2005-Present
'Sandwich Day' 'Jackie Jormp-Jormp'2006-Present
'My Philosophy' 'My First Kill'2001-2009
'The One With The Jam' 'The One With The Mugging'1994-2004
'PTV' 'FOX-y Lady'1998-Present
'The Bookstore' 'The Soup'1989-1998
'Burns, Baby Burns' 'The Crepes of Wrath'1989-Present
'Red Sleigh Down' 'Chef Aid'1997-Present
'Purple Giraffe' 'The Front Porch'2005-Present
'The Gang Goes Jihad' 'The Nightman Cometh'2005-Present
Episode TitlesSitcomYears
'The Lady in the Bottle' 'Nobody Loves a Fat Astronaut'1965-1970
'Job Switching' 'Never Do Business With Friends'1951-1960
'Student-Teacher Week' 'School Song'1989-1993
'Prank Day' '2120 So. Michigan Ave'1998-2006
'A Chorus Lie' 'Queens For A Day'1998-2006
'Forever Jung' 'The Wood, the Bad and the Hungry'1991-1999
'Papa's Got a Brand New Excuse' 'Not With My Cousin You Don't'1990-1996
'The House Meets the Mouse, Part One' 'Arrest Ye Merry Gentlemen'1987-1995
'Fight Schlub' 'Home Cheapo'1998-2007

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