History of Tom Riddle: EDITED

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Favorite teacher (at Hogwarts) 
Stole Hufflepuff's cup from 
Famous ancestor 
Head of orphanage Riddle stayed at 
Ministry official, visited Gaunt home 
Ability to converse with snakes 
Hung itself from the rafters, owned by Billy 
Wanted to teach this at Hogwarts 
One Death Eater mentioned in Slughorn's memory 
Another Death Eater mentioned in Slughorn's memory 
Village where Tom Riddle Sr. lived 
Person who made prophecy 
Death Eater who overheard prophecy 
'Tom Marvolo Riddle' bore this phrase: 
First ingredient needed to power Voldemort to full power 
Second ingredient 
Third ingredient 
The only one he ever feared 

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