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NationClubFirst Meeting
Austria1984/1985 European Cup
Austria1991/1992 UEFA Cup
Austria2004/2005 Champions League
Belgium1964/1965 European Cup
Belgium1975/1976 UEFA Cup
Belgium1965/1966 Cup Winners Cup
Bulgaria1980/1981 European Cup
Bulgaria 2003/2004 UEFA Cup
Cyprus1992/1993 Cup Winners Cup
Czech Republic2000/2001 UEFA Cup
Denmark1995/1996 UEFA Cup
Denmark1983/1984 European Cup
East Germany1972/1973 UEFA Cup
East Germany1972/1973 UEFA Cup
England2007/2008 Champions League
England2004/2005 Champions League
England1970/1971 Fairs Cup
England1978/1979 European Cup
England1972/1973 UEFA Cup
Finland2001/2002 Champions League
Finland1982/1983 European Cup
Finland1991/1992 UEFA Cup
Finland1996/1997 Cup Winners Cup
Finland1980/1981 European Cup
France1991/1992 UEFA Cup
France2004/2005 Champions League
France1976/1977 European Cup
France2006/2007 Champions League
France2009/2010 Champions League
France2003/2004 UEFA Cup
France1996/1997 Cup Winners Cup
France1997/1998 UEFA Cup
France2007/2008 Champions League
Georgia1979/1980 European Cup
Germany1967/1968 Fairs Cup
NationClubFirst Meeting
Germany2001/2002 Champions League
Germany1970/1971 Fairs Cup
Germany1965/1966 Cup Winners Cup
Germany1972/1973 UEFA Cup
Germany1972/1973 UEFA Cup
Germany1964/1965 European Cup
Greece1972/1973 UEFA Cup
Greece2000/2001 UEFA Cup
Greece1984/1985 European Cup
Hungary2009/2010 Champions League
Hungary1967/1968 Fairs Cup
Hungary1965/1966 Cup Winners Cup
Iceland1964/1965 European Cup
Ireland1969/1970 Fairs Cup
Israel2006/2007 Champions League
Italy2004/2005 Champions League
Italy1983/1984 European Cup
Italy2009/2010 Champions League
Italy1991/1992 UEFA Cup
Italy1964/1965 European Cup
Italy1965/1966 Cup Winners Cup
Lithuania 2005/2006 Champions League
Luxembourg1973/1974 European Cup
Northern Ireland1976/1977 European Cup
Netherlands1966/1967 European Cup
Netherlands1981/1982 European Cup
Netherlands2006/2007 European Cup
Netherlands2002/2003 UEFA Cup
Norway1996/1997 Cup Winners Cup
Norway1974/1975 Cup Winners Cup
Poland1984/1985 European Cup
Poland1975/1976 UEFA Cup
Poland1982/1983 European Cup
Portugal1977/1978 European Cup
Portugal2001/2002 Champions League
NationClubFirst Meeting
Portugal2000/2001 UEFA Cup
Portugal1969/1970 Fairs Cup
Romania1970/1971 Fairs Cup
Romania1966/1967 European Cup
Romania2000/2001 UEFA Cup
Romania2003/2004 UEFA Cup
Russia1992/1993 Cup Winners Cup
Russia1995/1996 UEFA Cup
Scotland1980/1981 European Cup
Scotland1965/1966 Cup Winners Cup
Scotland1970/1971 Fairs Cup
Slovakia1998/1999 UEFA Cup
Slovenia2003/2004 UEFA Cup
Spain2000/2001 UEFA Cup
Spain1968/1969 Fairs Cup
Spain2008/2009 Champions League
Spain1975/1976 UEFA Cup
Spain1998/1999 UEFA Cup
Spain2004/2005 Champions League
Spain2005/2006 Champions League
Spain1980/1981 European Cup
Spain1975/1976 UEFA Cup
Spain1998/1999 UEFA Cup
Sweden1967/1968 Fairs Cup
Switzerland2002/2003 Champions League
Switzerland1996/1997 Cup Winners Cup
Switzerland1976/1977 European Cup
Switzerland1971/1972 Cup Winners Cup
Turkey2007/2008 Champions League
Turkey2001/2002 Champions League
Turkey1976/1977 European Cup
Ukraine2001/2002 Champions League
Wales2005/2006 Champions League
Yugoslavia1973/1974 European Cup

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