Word Ladder: Thor Movies Plot Spoiler

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Can you name the missing words in this 4-letter word ladder containing a plot spoiler to the Thor movies?

Updated Sep 13, 2013

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Chris Hemsworth title character
_____ she blows!
Arctic fish or to burn
Informal talk
Revolver manufacturer Samuel
A small or suspicious religious group
To remove/kill weaker animals from a population
_____ Me Maybe
Hadrian's, Berlin's or Pink Floyd's
Make sure this is written before you die
Small medicine tablet
A heap
Deficient in color
To cover a road surface for travel
Opposite of spend or give
Showing reason, sound judgment
Tarzan's squeeze
An ornamental stone, often green
Dwyane _____ or _____ Boggs
The moon diminishing in intensity does this
What you do for Godot or Guffman
A formal, often legal document
To clamp teeth together
Deathly reaper
_____ & proper
Important high school dance
_____ Russia with Love
Toad's relative
Originally water, or weak beer, with rum
To increase in size
Something you beat or wipe sweat from
Super Mario _____
Vocal disdain for something
Italy's shape
Sound from a wind instrument, or to pass wind
A civil wrong in common law
A pastry smaller than a pie
Old alternative word for stag (deer)
To injure, hurt

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