Word Ladder: Finishing a Classic Book

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Can you name the words in this double-pronged word ladder, then fill in the missing word to complete a book title?

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3-Letter Word
Not against 
A long time ago, in a galaxy ___, ___ away 
Goes painfully well with feathers 
Lao Tzu's ___ Te Ching 
Also, as well 
Digit at the end of your foot 
Definite article 
4-Letter Word
To _____ it may concern 
George Michael & Andrew Ridgeley pop duo 
A fraud or hoax (that might make you say 'wow') 
Line where fabric layers are held together by stitches 
Semi-aquatic marine mammal 
Opposite of buy 
Peter Pan & Tinker _____ 
MISSING TITLE WORD (5 letters): 

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