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Can you name the words in this CNN-themed word ladder?

Updated Mar 29, 2016

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Clue4-Letter Word
** Cable ____ Network **
Skinny amphibian or pudgy politician
Home to a bird
Most superior
Alternative to suspenders
A roll of fabric or wallpaper
A darkened font type
Top medal Olympians strive for
Game for a Tiger or Greg the Shark Norman
** The Situation Room with ___ Blitzer **
Dog's utterance
Something over your head or under a Fiddler
A division of a house or floor
Cappuccino topper
To make or mold
Stiff, steadfast or securely fixed
Types of evergeen trees
Dorsal and pectoral, e.g.
Apathy, Lust, and Pride, e.g.
Clue4-Letter Word
To make music with one's voice
** John ______, USA **
A twist or bend in hair or rope
Kitchen and bathroom fixture
Unhealthy mind or body
A bag usually made of cloth
Big name in truck manufacturing
Most bank robbers wear one
Masculine fragrance
Inspiration for artistic creation
Button to tune out television talk
To procreate
** Co-anchor of 'At This Hour' ____ Bolduan **
Welles' 'Citizen _____'
Neck/head hair of lion or horse
Author Thomas or director Michael
Chief or largest part
Opposite of loss
A big smile
** Out Front with ____ Burnett **

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