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Can you provide the word(s) beginning with the letters A-Z, which complete the phrase or entity 'White _____'?

Updated Nov 24, 2013

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ClueWhite _______Letter
Beatles' ninth recordingA
Leukocytes (2 words)B
Harold and Kumar recommendedC
What a red giant might eventually becomeD
A burdensome gift or possessionE
Sign of surrenderF
Au with some Ni, Mn, or PdG
Residence of the President of the United StatesH
A New World, medium-sized wading birdI
Nephrite of a creamy colour, unlike the more typical green varietyJ
C major scale on the piano employs only theseK
eg. 'No. Your butt doesn't look fat in those pants.'L
Pork is the other oneM
ClueWhite _______Letter
Static, or a DeLillo novelN
Quercus alba, this hardwood produces acornsO
Source to search for businesses and peopleP
Starts on D1 at the beginning of a chess gameQ
Vodka, coffee liqueur, and creamR
A once infamous baseball teamS
A steeped beverage made from leaves of the Chinese Camellia sinensis plantT
Wolfmother song, or perhaps a children's toyU
Acidic liquid sometimes distilled from a malt varietyV
Game of Thrones frozen foesW
Black yin's partnerY
Pink-coloured blush wineZ

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