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Can you name the words, names or phrases that have the initials N & B?

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ClueN B Words
Psycho protagonist who loves his mother
Billiards (pool) game where balls are shot in numerical order starting with the one ball
Danish physicist who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1922
Canadian Maritime province
A 'military' sounding color darker than azure and lighter than black
Popular maker of sports footwear (NB is seen on its shoes)
Last of the Mohicans (book) protagonist
USA's is the Bald Eagle. Australia's is the Emu
Indian grain food often served with butter chicken or curry
An answer/decision so easy, it doesn't even require one's 'mind'
When a woman has a child without any medication to ease the pain
Buffy star who had a recurring role on Criminal Minds as well
A cervical collar used to protect against spinal cord injury
Mean-spirited slur against an effeminate young man by giving him a girl's nickname
Vision impairment when it gets dark, often while driving
American interior designer, daytime TV host and regular guest on Oprah
Along with 'solitary, poor and short' how philosopher Thomas Hobbes described the life of man
US journalist who made a trip around the world in 1889 and also faked insanity to study a mental institution
San Francisco's Little Italy neighborhood adjacent to Chinatown
Latin for 'note well' to point out important parts of a written passage

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