Japanese Wrestlers by finisher

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Can you name the Japanese Wrestlers by Finisher?

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Burning Hammer/Orange Crush
Shooting Star press/Ligerbomb/brainbuster
Emerald Flowison/Tiger Driver
Kawada Driver
Death Driver
Shining Wizard/moonsault/Mist
Enzuiguri/octopus stretch
Tiger Suplex/ kneelingbelly to belly piledriver
Phoenix Splash/Falcon Arrow/Wheel kick
AssaiDDT/Dragon Suplex/Magistral
Russian Legsweep/Backdrop Suplex
GTS/Busaiku Knee
Moonsault/Vader Bomb
Frog Splash/Sling Blade
Falling Thunderfire Powerbomb/rounding body press/senton splash
chokeslam/chichubu cement
Windpipe Chop
Tiger Suplex/Tiger Driver/
Belly to Back Suplex/high knee/big boot
Kneeling belly to belly piledriver/Diving Headbutt/Superplex
Tiger Bomb
Bloody Sunday

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