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Can you name the Seinfeld episode when these events occurred (Part 2)?

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Elaine refuses to remove her Orioles cap at a Yankee game
Kramer adopts a highway
Kramer pretends to rob George in front of German tourists
George gets a massage from a man
Kenny Bania gets a date with Uma Thurman
Kramer's first name is revealed
Jerry calls in a bomb threat to George Steinbrenner
Kramer gives George a defective condom
Jerry, George, and Elaine attend a party for the NYC Marathon at Elaine's friend's apartment
George tries to get a discount at a store by mentioning Kramer's name
Kramer wears tight jeans to Mickey's audition
Kramer gets in a fight with a chimpanzee
Peterman thinks Elaine is addicted to Opium
George recalls getting a wedgie in high school
Kramer runs for president of Del Boca Vista
David Puddy introduces his 8-ball jacket
Jerry and George 'choose' each other for the right to a new apartment
Jerry is caught making out during Schindler's List
George's girlfriend asks him to take an IQ test
Kramer fights with a homeless man over Tupperware

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