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Darth Vader is Luke's_______Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Soylent Green is ________Soylent Green
_______ is SidiousThe Revenge of the Sith
________ diesThe Great Gatsby
________ diesLord of the Rings:The Fellowship of the Ring
_________comes back to lifeLord of the Rings: The Two Towers
_________comes back to lifeThe Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
_________comes back to lifeThe Bible
Keyser Söze is _______The Usual Suspects
Snape kills ________Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Dr. Malcolm Crowe is_______The Sixth Sense
Tyler Durden and the Narrator are _______Fight Club
________ kills Willie StarkAll The King's Men
_____ escapes to SwedenCatch-22
The aliens are killed by _______Signs
Andrew Laedis is ________Shutter Island
_______ never fell off the waterfallThe Adventure of the Empty House
Nina kills _______Black Swan
The cake is ______Portal
_______ is the father The Scarlet Letter
Rosebud is Citizen Kane
Ruth Lang is a The Ghost Writer
Ross ends up with _______Friends
Benjamin ends up with _______The Graduate
_______ is the Dread Pirate RobertsPrincess Bride
The village takes place The Village
______ is the third manThe Third Man
The doctor on the Acheron is Master and Commander: Far side of the World
__________is working for GondorffThe Sting
To Serve Man isThe Twilight Zone
Robert Angier hasThe Prestige
Alfred Borden______and_____himselfThe Prestige
_______ is a police detectiveResevoir Dogs
________ is not realMemento
Deckard isBlade Runner
_____ is Sutpen's sonAbsalom, Absalom!
________ was the girl on the busHouse
The planet of the apes is Planet of the Apes
______ ordered the Code RedA Few Good Men
______ arranged for Kimble's wife to be killedThe Fugitive
______ betrays the familyThe Godfather Part II
George, Sr. was working for the ______ without knowing itArrested Development
Rita Hayworth's secret is a _________Shawshank Redemption
Major Strasser is killed by Casablanca
_______ is behind everythingLA Confidential
_______ is behind everythingMonsters, Inc
________is behind everythingToy Story 2
________is behind everythingToy Story 3
The gun Jack is making is meant to kill ______The American
It's a ________!Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

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