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Can you name the present day nationalities of these historical figures?

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Famous Person and DescriptionActual/Original NationalityExplanation/Extra Information
Vitus Bering: The first European to discover Alaska and its Aleutian Islands. Became an explorer after being employed by the Russian Navy and serving in its Baltic Fleet.
Albert Einstein: A theoretical physicist who helped alert the US President of the possibility of the Axis Powers creating atomic weapons. Supported US atomic weapon research.
Simon Bolivar: A liberator of South America from the Spanish. After gaining independence, the new nation of Bolivia named itself after him.
Christopher Columbus: Explorer employed by the Spanish Monarchy. Completed four voyages to the New World that led to general awareness of the American continents to Europeans.
Samuel Slater: Designer of the first textile mill. Sometimes called 'The father of the American Industrial Revolution' for bringing cotton spinning to the US.
Famous Person and DescriptionActual/Original NationalityExplanation/Extra Information
Alexander Graham Bell: An inventor commonly credited for inventing the first practical telephone. Started several companies in America such as 'The Bell Telephone Company'.
Estevanico: The first known African to arrive in America. Brought over to the Americas as a North African slave with his master: Andres Dorantes de Carranza. Became an explorer.
Adolf Hitler: Head of Nazi Party and became Chancellor of Germany. Infamous for war crimes and crimes against humanity commited during World War II.
Josef Stalin: Dictator of Soviet Russia after Vladimir Lenin's death. Led the Soviets through World War II and the beginning of the Cold War.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Political philospher who thought the will of the people was most important to society. His ideas were used by revolutionaries during the French Revolution.

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