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Can you name the 4-letter words in this ladder related to the Old North State?

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*A US president born in NC*
*Meat used in NC barbeque*
*Wilmington is the ___ City*
*Macon, Fisher, or Bragg*
Pronged eating utensil
Drew Curtis' news and community commentary website
Fee for a cab ride
Manufactured products; goods, often a suffix
*Raleigh's county, or the Demon Deacons*
*Norman, Waccamaw, or Junaluska*
Avenue, street, etc.
Denizen of Denmark
Hill of sand built by wind or water flow
*Blue Devils*
Free of contamination; unmixed with other matter
Low vibratory murmur typical of a contented cat
*US Senator from NC (2005-)*
*The Chatham County courthouse did this in 2010*
*NC's first capital, New ____*
American Jazz musician Dick
Dog's vocalization
To challenge to action as proof of courage, or an Eastern NC county
*NASCAR's Earnhardt Sr. or Jr.*
*NC's first female US Senator (2003-2009)*
An opening or hollow place in something
Free of infirmity; robust
Corridor or passageway in a building
*Pink, Mars, or Chapel ___*
Small tablet of medicine
Some federal college grants
Outer layer of an orange or banana
*Tar ___*

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