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AFictional Texas town where the show is set
BThe town's newspaper
CBobby's favorite vegetable-themed prop comedian
DBill's surname
EGood-natured truck driver at Strickland Propane
FHank only drives this make of truck
GHank's much younger half-brother
HAll-male chorus Bill joins briefly
IBill names this pet Lenore after his ex-wife
JSalesman at Strickland Propane who might call you 'honey'
KBobby's nickname when mistaken for a chronically ill high schooler
LPeggy's niece who lives with the Hills
MNearby rival town
NAll-Asian country club
OBoy Scout-like society the gang joins
PBoomhauer's brother, voiced by Brad Pitt
QEpisode featuring Hank and Peggy's motorcycle road trip '____ Rider'
RStreet where the main characters live
SKahn and Minh's surname
TStrickland's rival propane company
UTitle of the Season 13 finale '____ Canada'
VPopular brand of propane grill sold at Strickland
WOld lady who wishes to die in the Hill's house
(e)XDale's profession
YHank was born in this stadium
ZCommunity-league baseball team

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