Famous Fictional Foxes

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Can you name the fictional foxes?

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NumberFoxSeen in
1.Eponymous comics (1987-)
2.Pinocchio (1940 film)
3.Yogi Bear/Yakky Doodle cartoons
4.Star Fox video games
5.Pokemon video games
6.Eponymous 2009 film
7.Same as #6
8.Song of the South (1946 film)
9.The Fox and the Hound (1981 film)
NumberFoxSeen in
10.Chicken Little (2005 film)
11.Eponymous Dr. Seuss book
12.Dora the Explorer (tv series 2000-)
13.Eponymous Beatrix Potter book
14.Sonic the Hedgehog video games
15.Eponymous 1973 film
16.Same as #15
17.Eponymous Thornton Burgess book

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