Things Americans SHOULDN'T Know But DO

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Former governor of Illinois who tried to sell a senate seat
Canadian Band whose songs like 'Rock Star' all sound the same
Disney Channel star who sang 'Party in the U.S.A.'
Microblogging service founded by Jack Dorsey that allows people to send 140 character updates to followers
Rapper whose song 'Crank That' somehow reached #1 on the charts in September 2007
The female judge on the American version of Dancing With the Stars
Shock Jock who wrote the memoir 'Private Parts' Also the name of Anna Nicole Smith's former beau.
Celebrity Blogger who called Carrie Prejean a 'dumb bitch' for answering his question
Terrible Dance to 'Los Del Rio' song that became popular in the 1990s.
Attention-**** who impregnated Bristol Palin then posed on Playgirl
Series of books about vampires written by Stephanie Meyer that have somehow sold 100 million copies
City in New Mexico where UFO supposedly crashed
Noted annoying singer of noted annoying song 'Baby'
KFC sandwich with bacon and cheese inside two fried chicken filets
Attention-**** Star of 'The Hills' who is married to fellow attention **** Spencer
'Singers' of several 1980s hits including 'Blame it On The Rain'
Terrible white rapper whose only big hit asks you to 'Stop, Collaborate and Listen'
The last name of television show 'icons' Jon and Kate.
Term for getting somebody to click on a link only to discover it is a certain 1980s song
This purple Teletubbie was accused of being a homosexual icon by Jerry Falwell

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