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January 31, 2000Murder and Aggravated Assault Charges (Atlanta, Georgia)
July 2, 2003Sexual Assault (Eagle, Colorado)
June 17, 1994Double Homicide (Los Angelas, California)
March 5, 1996Cocaine Possession (Plano, Texas)
November 25, 2005Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Irving, Texas)
February 14, 1993Virginia Statute 'Maiming By Mob' (Hampton, Virginia)
December 8, 2004Assault and Battery (Detroit, Michigan)
December 8, 2004Assault and Battery (Detroit, Michigan)
March 5, 2007Domestic Abuse (Placer County, California)
January 1, 2006Armed Robbery (Columbus, Ohio)
December 31, 2008Driving Under the Influence (Scottsdale, Arizona)
September 24, 2002Marijuana Possession (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

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