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Can you name the musical based on the lyrics featuring the word don't?

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Don't breathe too deep, don't think all day
Where have you been all my life? Don't go away
Don't you fret, Monsieur Marius, I don't feel any pain
Don't ask me just how it happened, I wish I knew
Don't treat me like a child of two
Don't choose to be alone, we must not be afraid
Don't forget the guys who cut your keys
Don't finish that sentence, she's monstrous
Don't stop me now, 'cos I'm having such a good time
Don't be stupid, be a smarty
Don't say what to every line you haven't got
Don't stay shut away with all those might have beens
Don't wish, don't start, wishing only wounds the heart
Don't write a letter when you want to leave
Don't stop now, we've gotta keep it going all night
Don't let me go, you need me
Don't you patronise me, it's your fault we came here
Don't throw bouquets at me, don't please my folks too much
Don't lose me in the rain
Don't put honey on your brother
Don't be anything less than everything you can be
Don't ever, ever make me say goodbye
Don't cry for me Argentina, the truth is I never left you
Don't be afraid of the dark
Don't leave me
Don't shoot Eddie, he's your brother
Don't say 'oh thanks, I would have drowned in just one second more'
Don't think about the things which might have been
Don't tell me not to fly, I've simply got to
Don't need no makeup, don't need to pretend

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