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Love Never Dies is the sequel to
Which earrings does Christine ask Gustave to pass her?
Number of Olivier Nominations
Name of the strongman
Who does Christine originally come to America to sing for?
The final words of the show (5 words)
We love, we live, we give what we can give ____6 words_____
Original Phantom
Original Christine
Fleck is half woman, half what?
The London theatre Love Never Dies opened in
What does Gustave want to learn to do on Coney Island?
What is the name of the ship Christine arrives on?
Where does Meg tell Raoul he has ended up at the beginning of the second half?
I woke to swear my love ___5 words_____
Where did Raoul allegedly leave his entire fortune?
Have you ever yearned to go ___7 words____
Devil Take the ________
Number of Olivier Wins
Look with your _____
Lyricist for Love Never Dies
Original Raoul
Who is modelling the latest Paris fashion?
I'll always feel no more than half way real ___7 words______
A type of bathing suit mentionned in bathing beauty

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