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Can you name the things people associate with the Eisenhower era?

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Ended the Korean War in 1953
Working behind the scenes to accomplish what he wanted
First act pertaining to African-American rights since Reconstructionof 1957
McCarthy went too far when he accused
Name of Eisenhower's Farewell Speech
Discovered the vaccine for polioin 1955
The King, enough said
Largest public works programof 1956
Rebels who criticized society for conforming
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Ran against Eisenhower in both electionslast name only
US policy towards Communism
_________ Conference divided Vietnam into North and South
Castro rebelled against this regime
Transferred $40 billion worth of federal oil reserves to the statesof 1953
Separate but Equal is unconstitutional; what established this?especially for schools
Gained buying power for the first time
Soviet counter to NATOin 1955
Montgomery Bus Boycott brought about this Supreme Court decision
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The U.S. was criticized for not intervening in _________ Revolution
Israel, Great Britain, France wanted to invade
Women's place? IN THE 1950s
First AMERICAN space satellite
Congress added these words to currencyin 1955
Eisenhower's nicknamealso part of his campaign slogan
First ever space satellite

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