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When i read the Jack Handey i realized that maybe there was a lesson or a ______ to be learned from them! Nah!
The quote, 'I hate boy bands but man do i love the Backstreet Boys!!' is an example of this.
The word 'darkness' means the absence of light.
I'm going to write a story about a future where technology gets out of control and we start engineering babies! What's it called when I make fun of society again??
Kobe Bryant is a decent basketball player, I mean he's just OK.
Dan didnt get a perfect on the calc test?? What a ________!
A gramme in time saves 9!
Mr. Mulhall is God.
Is Clay the coolest kid ever? (obviously no answer is required for this question)
Dude, I read the Litoral Zone and I knew exactly what all the characters were thinking!
The word 'darkness' often gives the impression of evil or corrumption.
Matt, the coolest kid ever, had a struggle to decide whether to listen to the Backstreet Boys or NSYNC.
He had to read Wuthering Heights and The Joy Luck Club in 2 days! What a challenge or battle!
The silence is so loud!
Romeo killed himself to be with Juliet, when she if fact had faked her death to be with Romeo!! Talk about a serious amount of this!!
Alex is like Hitch.
'Without war there can be no peace' seems ridiculous, but hang on, that just might be true!
I went to this old lady Emily's house and just started reminiscing about her life in my head right in the middle of the story!
I read this flower story and Chrysanthemumss kept getting repeated and reused and repeated over and over and over again. It was soo annoying!
I wonder what literary device an author would use to protray an accent, like Indian or something?

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