Biggest Saltwater Fish of Massachusetts

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Can you name the Biggest Fish of North America?

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1324 lbs.Kevin Scola
1228 lbs.Marlene Goldstein
701 lbs.Walter Morrison
646 lbs.Albert Little
548 lbs. R. Keith Allison Jr.
482 lbs. & 8 ozs.Mathew Grimes
454 lbs.Peter Bergin
321 lbs.Norman Cournoyer
213 lbs.Randy Parda
187 lbs. Mark Boujoukos
131 lbs. & 5 ozs.Kenneth Abbot
131 lbs.Ted Nfatzger
92 lbs. Robert Radzik
81.88 lbs.Greg Myerson
65 lbs.Tommy Good

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