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definitionvocab word
an organism that eats meat
plants use energy from the sun to make food
the time it takes for a population to double in size
chemical symbol for ozone
an organism that eats plants
main industrial pollutant
decomposers convert waste into ammonia
the amount of energy that transfers between trophic levels
relationship where one organism feeds off another organism
when two elements are forced together to form a new element
an organism that makes its own food
percent of fresh water on earth
definitionvocab word
the slowest biogeochemical cycle
relationship where two organisms benefit from each other
world population
trade winds weaken causing different weather patterns
layer of the atmosphere that contains the ozone layer
type of radiation blocked by ozone
equal mixture of sand, silt and clay
the living components of an ecosystem
underground store of water
nutrient runoff from farms cause algal blooms and hypoxia
the non-living components of an ecosystem
farming of fish

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