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Now imma wrap your ___ with a bowRoman's Revenge
I could've been your ___ but sucks for youSingle Ladies Remix
___ Bad Ass, NBALast Chance
I believe that ___ is a prizeMoment for Life
Last name ___ first name RagedyTragedy
I keep ___ hoes but don't call me SantaI Get Crazy
Flow so sick i need a ___Itty Bitty Piggy
I love how the ___ be watching meWhip My Hair Remix
It not your fault I'm a b*tch, I'm a ___Save Me
With a bad b*tch that came from ___ ___Monster
If I had a d*ck I would pull it out and ___ on 'emDid it on 'em
I live the life now that we would ___Dear Old Nicki
I'm still hood ___ couldn't change meMoment for Life
Cuz I'm international tell 'em to call me ___Blow Your Mind
You say I won't ___ if i leaveHere I Am
Is that why you get more head than ___?Roger That
I like to play with it ___ it like a stress ballWanna Minaj
I finally understand the true meaning of ___Autobiography
Which means you can ___ til I motherf*ckin' say so ___I'm The Best
50K for a verse no ___ outMonster
Imma eat them rap b*tches when the ___ comeDid it on 'em
If I get it in the pink, I get her the ___ ___Girlfriend
It's time to put this p*ssy on your ___Bedrock
You like a candy store, and I'm a ___Your Love
That's why i bulletproof the ___Massive Attack
lyricsmissing lyricsong
Put on my ___ and hit the skyBlazin'
S on my ___ cuz I'm ready to save himYour Love
You was my friend and my man and my ___Autobiography
And I'm ever bitchier when I'm on my ___I Ain't Through
Exclamation, just for ___Check It Out
And if I'm fake i aint noticed 'cause my ___ aintMonster
I keep a bad b*tch lemme ___ your boobsItty Bitty Piggy
Bitches like Nelly and Kelly got a ___Go Hard
Then a private party at the ___ PalaceI'm The Best
Bottoms up and double my ___Bottoms Up
And you can that ring up on my ___ ___Single Ladies Remix
Which b*tch you know made a million off a ____Up All Night
Excuse me, I'm sorry, I'm really such a ___Bottoms up
All my bad b*tches I can see your ___I'm The Best
If we in the ___ ___ then it's lights outI Get Crazy
Cause I hate you so much that it ___ when i look at youAutobiography
But I just wanna think about it for another ___Letting Go (Dutty Love)
You a tragedy, you a ___Tragedy
My name ring ___ bitch buzz me inGo Hard
When i was a geisha he was a ___Your Love
I really like vanilla but my favourite colour ___Ice Cream Man
How am I supposed to ___ what you startHere I Am
I mean my ___ so big it just bruised my knuckleGet It All
That's why I get more ___ than a pigtailItty Bitty Piggy
Rockstar little mama with a ___I Get Crazy

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