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Zayn's Birthday?
Liam's Birthday?
Harry's Birthday?
Louis' Birthday?
Niall's Birthday?
Zayn's Audition Song?
Liam's Audition Song?
Harry's Audition Song?
Louis' Audition Song?
Niall's Audition Song ?
No ______ Protested!?
I like girls who eat _______!?
I'm a ____!?
She's ____!?
Vas ________?
Zayn's Middle Name?
Liam's Middle Name?
Harry's Middle Name?
Louis' Middle Name?
Niall's Middle Name?
Zayn's Home Town?
Liam's Home Town?
Harry's Home Town?
Louis' Home Town?
Niall's Home Town?
Liam's Girlfriend?
Louis' Girlfriend?
Niall's Favorite Restaurant ?
Zayn's Parents Are From?
Harry's 1st Band's Name?
Their 1st Album?
Their 2nd Album?
What show where they discovered on??
Who's the youngest member??
Who's the oldest??
Who has 2 turtles??
Who likes cats??
Who smokes??
Who wears stripes??
Who's Irish??

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