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 Gave us the idea for the greenhouse effect
 Third largest gas planet
 Has no atmosphere or moon
 Has only two moons, possibly asteroids
 Has the most extreme temperature change
 Could be part of the Kuiper Belt
 Rotates on its side
 Has a large red storm
 Has the largest ring system
 Shares an orbit for years with this larger planet
 Has ice caps like Earth
 Hottest planet
 Furthest methane planet
 Has the fastest rotation
 Largest dwarf planet in the main asteroid belt
 Closest dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt
 Age of our our Sun
 Moon phase of a Lunar Eclipse
 Moon phase of a Solar Eclipse
 Company planning on sending people to Mars
 Direction the Moon goes around the Earth
 What brought the majority of the water to Earth
 US missions to the Moon
 Space craft taking 7 astronauts to the ISS
 Apollo 11 pilot
 One of Mrs. Hanna's kids names

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