Mrs. Brown's Boys

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Who plays Mrs. Brown and also wrote the show?
How many series of the show have their been up to now?
Maria is married to which 'boy'?
Name the actress who plays Maria
In real life, how is 'Buster' related to the actor who plays Mrs. Brown?
Quote the lyrics from the chorus of the theme song (heard at the intro).
What is Mrs. Brown's first name?
What did Rory have trouble telling Mrs. Brown?
The show uses a very uncommon format not used in other shows. What is it?
What is Winnie's husband's name?
Name Mrs. Brown's daughter
What is Rory's boyfriend's name?
Mrs. Brown's son Trevor is often always away with the _________
Name Mark's wife
What did Granddad get stuck up his backside?
Name the song that the cast performed, in the last episode of the most recent series
How is Winnie related to Mrs. Brown in real life?

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