GCSE French Expo Module 4

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the shopping centremasc
the stadiummasc
the libraryfem & don't forget the è accent
the stationfem
the ice skating rinkfem
the swimming poolfem
the churchstarts with a vowel & don't forget the é accent
the shopsplural
some buttermasculine so the word for some is 'du'
some cheesemasc
some hammasc
some milkmasc
some breadmasc
some fishmasc
some chickenmasc
some yogurtmasc
some jamfeminine so the word for some is 'de la'
some crispsplural so the word for some is 'des'
some strawberriesplural
some eggsplural
some applesplural
some potatoesplural
some grapesplural and a false friend
a slicefem
a tinfem
a bottlefem
a packetmasc
a tracksuitmasc
a pair of trousersmasc
a polo t.shirtmasc
a jumpermasc
a pair of shortsmasc
a sweatshirtmasc
a skirtfem
a dressfem
a jacketfem
some trainersplural
some shoesplural
afterdon't forget the è accent
behinddon't forget the è accent
in front of
until, as far asdon't forget the à accent
next to don't forget the 3 accents you need
at the end of
on the corner of
at the bottom, at the back (of)
a single ticket
a return ticketdon't forget the hyphen

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