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The _________ is a narrow tube the connects the mouth to the stomach
The _________ is on the last segment of a worm
The rings around the worm are called _________
The clitellum is used to help a worm _________
This is the vacuum like structure the sucks in food in a worm
Worms have ________ symmetry
Setae are located on the ______ side of a worms body
A worm breathes through its ______
A worm has this many hearts
Worms have little bristles called ________
The thin walled structure of a worm where most absoprtion happens
The _________ is on the first segment of a worm
Worms are _____ blooded
The coolest teacher in Sigma
The worm's _________ hangs over the mouth
A worms skin must remain _______
The stomach of a worm
The thicker walled organ of a worm that grinds food

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