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Used in airplanes because it is so light and strong
Used for fishing weights, batteries, and for protection against X-rays
Is put into toothpaste to fight cavities
Found in air, water and sand
Used in lights and lasers, comes from Greek word new
Most of the air we breathe
Diamonds, graphite and coal are all made of this element
Mixed with copper to make bronze
Mixed with zinc makes brass.
Used to make coins, jewelry, mirrors, silverware, photographic film and electronic components.
Used in creating rubber
Used for coins, jewelry, dentistry, and electrical parts that need to conduct electricity
Used in balloons, blimps and scuba diving tanks.
Used to make heat-resistant glass
Most abundant element in the Universe
Found in red blood cells and in rust (not oxygen)
Used in matches, fireworks, fertilizers and detergents
Used for protecting metals such as iron and steel
Bonds with sodium to make table salt
Comes from the Latin word meaning “liquid silver.”
Bonds with chlorine to make table salt
Used in sparklers
Name comes from German word meaning “Satan’s copper”
Used in very small batteries
Found in chalk, limestone, plaster, concrete, bones, and teeth.
Used as a disinfectant
Used to make computer chips
Comes from Greek word for lazy
Bananas contain a lot of this element
Found in emeralds.

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