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Can you name the Arthropods?

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Arachnids have this many body parts
The middle part of a grasshopper's leg is called it's ________
How many antennae insects have
A grasshopper has simple eyes called occeli and _________ eyes to help them see a wider field
The thickest part of your legs and a grasshopper's leg is called it's ________
What is it called when an arthropods sheds its exoskeleton?
An exoskeleton is _________ which allows them to live in dry places.
How many antennae crustaceans have
How many legs an arachnid has
Arthropods are _____ blooded
Ticks, Scorpions, and Spiders are________
Centipedes and Millipeds have many segements but only ______ body parts
Second insect body part
Third insect body part
How many antennae millipedes have
How many legs a crustacean has
How many antennae arachnids have
Arthropods have ________ symmetry
What is the hard outer shell called of arthropods?
How many pairs of legs per segment a centipede has
First insect body part
__________ have a combined head and thorax called a cephalothorax
Arthropods have ______ appendages
How many legs an insect has
Ants, Caterpillars, and bees are ________
Crustaceans have ______ or three body parts
The 'foot' part a grasshopper's leg is called it's ________
Crabs, Lobsters, and Crayfish are ______
How many pairs of legs per segment a millipede has
A grasshopper breathes through it's ___________ which are on it's abdomen

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