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The _________ is on the last segment of a worm
Sea stars use these to pry open clams
First insect body part
The _______ of a sponge give them support
Adult echinoderms usually have ________ symmetry
A jellyfish has this shape
The coolest teacher in Sigma
Mollusks are _____ blooded
Caterpillars belong to this group of arthropods
This is the process of breaking food into smaller pieces
The group of mollusks filter feeds
How many legs a crustacean has
Coral is made from the ________ of polyps
The clitellum is used to help a worm _________
Worms have ________ symmetry
This is the part of a mollusk is like a little row of teeth
__________ digestion grinds up food
Scorpions belong to this group of arthropods
How many legs an insect has
Echinoderms have an internal skeleton called a _________
Bees belong to this group of arthropods
What part of the leg is the 'foot'?
How many antennae millipedes have
A worm breathes through its ______
The internal system of fluid in an echinoderm is a
The four functions of Nematocysts are sticking, wrapping, penetrating, and secreting _______
Crustaceans have ______ or three body parts
How many antennae arachnids have
The _________ is a narrow tube the connects the mouth to the stomach
This is the part of a mollusk is used to cover the organs
This system deals with the the brain and how you feel things
This is the process of taking in food
A cnidarian shape with tentacles facing down is a _______
Worms have little bristles called ________
A coral is in this phylum
Mollusks have ________ symmetry
The rings around the worm are called _________
To classify a mollusk scientists consider presence of a shell, type of shell, nervous system and type of ______
Water exits a sponge through the _________
A sponge moves water with _______ cells
The name echinoderm means______ skin
If you cut a sponge or a starfish in half it will create two more. This is called______
Arthropods have ______ appendages
Cnidarians have ________ symmetry
Third insect body part
This is the part of a water dwelling mollusks used to remove oxygen from water
This is the process of unused food leaving the body
Squids belong to this group of mollusks
This is the vacuum like structure the sucks in food in a worm
Sponges have ________ symmetry
The group of mollusks moves by shooting water to propel themselves
A anemone has this shape
This system deals with moving blood throughout the body
Porifera means ______
Name one place Nematocysts are found
What is the hard outer shell called of arthropods?
A worm has this many hearts
Arthropods have ________ symmetry
A worms skin must remain _______
What is it called when an arthropods sheds its exoskeleton?
How many antennae insects have
Ticks belong to this group of arthropods
Sponges stay in one place, therefore are _______
Arachnids have this many body parts
How many pairs of legs per segment a centipede has
Arthropods are _____ blooded
The _________ is on the first segment of a worm
A worms clitellum is located on the dorsal and ______ side of its body
__________ digestion uses enzymes and acids to break down food into small pieces
The group of mollusks has two shells
Setae are located on the ______ side of a worms body
Lobsters belong to this group of arthropods
The worm's prostomium hangs over the ________
Sponges belong to what Phylum?
This is the process of the nutrients going into the blood stream
A cnidarian shape with tentacles facing up is a _______
What part an insect leg is the closest to the body?
How many pairs of legs per segment a millipede has
Grasshoppers breath through the ________ on their abdomen
Cnidarians are _____ blooded
The thin walled structure of a worm where most absoprtion happens
Brittle stars move by _________ like a snake, not using tube feet
Second insect body part
Food enters and exits through the ______ in a Cnidarian
This group of mollusks has an advanced nervous system
Sponges and Bivalves obtain food by ______ _______
An exoskeleton is _________ which allows them to live in dry places.
Slugs belong to this group of mollusks
How do sea cucumbers obtain food
Worms are _____ blooded
A cnidarians stinging cells are called_______
This system deals with the path food takes
Sometimes Cnidarians are used for _________ by smaller animals
How many antennae crustaceans have
A nematocyst can fire ____ time per cell
Medusas reproduce _________
Polyps reproduce sexually or _________
Clams belong to this group of mollusks
Cnidaria means _________ nettle
The thicker walled organ of a worm that grinds food
How many legs an arachnid has
Water enter the sponge through the ______
If a sponge creates a new sponges by growing a tiny one this is called________
Sponges are _____ blooded
Tube feet are used for sticking to surfaces, moving, obtaining food and _________
This is the part of a mollusk that can be used for moving and digging
The stomach of a worm

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