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What was George Orwell's real name?
Who represents the Karl Marx, author of The Communist Manifesto?He gives a speech in chapter 1
What do the animals call their version of communism?
The struggle between Trotsky and Stalin is represented by the struggle between which characters?
Snowball is interested in education and science. This is represented by his desire to build what?
Stalin 'collectivised' all the Soviet farms. Which characters suffer as their produce is taken away from them?9 die
Trotsky was exiled in 1929. Snowball is chased off the farm by_____
Squealer's method of persuasion could be called ...this is misleading or deliberately one sided information
The pigs keep power because the others let them. Which animal realises that the dream has died as she stands on the grassy knoll looking at the farm?We see inside only this animal's mind.
By the end of the story, Napoleon's farm represents what kind of state? this where someone has total or absolute power over others.

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