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The study of the relationships among living and nonliving things in their environment is called what?
The place where a species lives is called what?
The role of a species in an ecosystem is a what?
All of the members of one species that live in the same area are called the what?
An organism that uses sunlight to make sugars from water and carbon dioxide is called a what?
All organisms that depend on other organisms for food are called what?
An animal that feeds on the bodies of dead organisms is called a what?
An organism that helps to break down and decay dead organisms and the wastes of living organisms is called a what?
A combination of all the food chains in a community is called a what?
The process by which organisms change sugars and oxygen into water, carbon dioxide, and energy is called what?
Most of the air that people breathe is made up of what?
A consumer that eats only plants is called a what?
A consumer that eats only animals is called a what?
A consumer that eats both plants and animals is called a what?
What is produced by plants during photosynthesis?

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