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Type of PagePageFollowers
Social Network54,678,276
Card Game51,850,713
Male Musician48,360,679
Video-Sharing Website46,627,697
Female Musician46,349,278
Female Musician44,595,481
Male Musician41,868,876
Female Musician41,483,375
Animated TV Show38,943,527
Male Musician37,001,363
Book series36,093,211
Female Musician35,912,533
Animated TV Show35,743,738
Type of PagePageFollowers
Carbonated Beverage35,279,671
Animated TV Show34,574,043
Male Musician32,126,042
Male Musician32,080,033
Male Musician31,673,517
Media Company29,149,715
Female Musician28,823,943
TV Channel28,574,025
Animated TV Show28,364,434

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