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Three Subjects We Study in Second Semester
The study of water 
The study of the atmosphere 
The study of outer space 
Three Main Steps in the Water Cycle
Additional Water Cycle Steps
Four Main Sources of Water on Earth
Less than 1% 
Two Types of Water on Earth
Two Main Gases in the Atmosphere
Two Extreme Types of Tides
Two Celestial Objects that Cause Tides With Their Gravitational Pull
Seven Main Ocean Floor Features
Four Types of Fronts
Four Types of Precipitation
Four Types of Air Masses
Dry and Warm 
Dry and Cold 
Humid and Warm 
Humid and Cold 
Four Layers of the Atmosphere
Three Basic Cloud Types
Five Basic Meteorology Instruments
Measures Temperature 
Measures Air Pressure 
Measures Wind Speed 
Measures Humidity 
Measures Rainfall 
Two Types of Breezes
Blows from sea to land 
Blows from land to sea 
Two Types of Winds
Blows over short distances 
Blows over long distances 
Two Seasons Where You'll See the Most Tornadoes
Two Basic Items on a Weather Map
Areas of same air pressure 
Areas of same temperature 
Two Main Factors that Determine Climate
Eight Planets in Our Solar System
Two Models of the Solar System
Earth-centered (old) 
Four Moons that Galileo Observed Orbiting Jupiter
Two Types of Eclipses
Eight Moon Phases
Two Types of Sunlight
Seven Celestial Objects (Largest to Smallest)

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