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Only wife of a later U.S. president to win an Oscar.
The first ever Oscar winner for Best Actress.
The first of (to date) two actresses to win an Oscar for playing a murderer convicted to capital punishment in a biographical film .
She owes part of her Oscar to Katharine Hepburn, who heavily campaigned for her to reprise her celebrated stage role in the film adaptation.
Currently (as opposed to: at the time of the ceremony) the youngest of all living Best Actress winners.
Won her Best Actress Oscar for her first Oscar nomination, and returned 39 years later with her second and last career Oscar nomination and win, this time for Supporting Actress.
In what may be the biggest upset in the history of the Best Actress category, this actress beat the heavily favoured Roz Russell for 'Mourning Becomes Electra'.
Only Best Actress winner with a Best Actor winner as a father and a Best Actor nominee as a brother.
A few years before her Oscar win, this actress guest-starred on the British sit-com 'Extras', claiming that movies about the Holocaust are one of the best ways to win an Oscar.
First Italian Best Actress winner.
Had to tie her Best Actress award with a fellow nominee who didn't attend the ceremony.
Co-starred in one of her Best Actress winning performances with her then-husband, who was Oscar-nominated for the same film.
Only Australian Best Actress winner.
Only South African Best Actress winner.
A few years after her Oscar win, she played another Oscar winner in a biopic - and won a Razzie for the performance.
First Best Actress winner for a performance in a non-English language film.
The only Best Actress Oscar winner who won the Best Actress award at the Cannes film festival twice.
Only Swedish Best Actress winner.
Oldest Best Actress winner at the time of the ceremony.
It took this Oscar winner's husband almost three decades to finally match his wife and win his own Best Actor Oscar.
Shortest-named Best Actress winner.
First woman to win Best Actress for a film produced by her husband.
Only Best Actress winner with a Best Actress nominee for a mother and an Oscar winner for a father.
The only Best Actress winner to be nominated for Best Supporting Actress for another film in the same year.
The first Best Actress winner to die.
The only actress to win two Best Actress Oscar before the age of 30 in two non-consecutive years.
Holds the Record for most nominations for Best Actress.
First Best Actress winner whose performance included a nude scene.
First actress winner to win an Oscar for Best Actress for playing a real person who was still alive at the time of the ceremony.
Katharine Hepburn, who lost against this Best Actress winner, called the film she won for 'a soap opera about a shopgirl.'
Won her Oscar pretty much for playing herself: Her part was written for her, based on her and even named after her by her former boyfriend.
With one win out of four nominations for Best Actress in the 1990s, she is arguably the Academy's favorite lead actress of the decade.
Besides being a two-time Oscar winner, this actress is also a Queen of the BAFTAs, with 16 BAFTA nominatons (TV and film), 5 wins and 2 honarary awards from the 1950s to the 2000s.
Was directed to her Oscar win by her husband.
Second (and most recent) Best Actress winner for a performance in a non-English language film.
Most recent Best Actress winner to win for playing a singer and singing herself (rather than just moving her lips to pre-recorded songs).
This actress became an Oscar winner and the first actress to break the $20m salary barrier with the same film.
First French Best Actress winner.
First Best Actress winner for performance in a talkie.
Much to the chagrin of fellow nominee Bette Davis, this Best Actress winner, who couldn't attend the ceremony, had her award accepted by Davis' arch-nemesis Joan Crawford.
This Best Actress winner was, decades later, played by another Best Actress winner in a biopic - earning her a Razzie.
12th (and most recent) actress to win more than one Best Actress Oscar.
Youngest Best Actress winner at the time of ceremony.
Her Best Actress film also won one of the two screenplay categories, while the other screenplay Oscar was snatched by another film she starred in.
Won two Best Actress Oscars out of five nominations in the category in five consecutive years.
First Best Actress winner to win for a performance in a musical.
The first Best Actress winner to win for its year's Best Picture winner.
Won her Oscar for the shortest-titled film with a Best Actress winning performance.
Only person to win a Best Actress Oscar and a Worst Actress Razzie on the same weekend.
Inbetween her two Best Actress Oscar wins, her husband won an Oscar for Best Actor.
The first time she didn't feel it. But the second time she felt it. And she couldn't deny the fact that they liked her.
Holds the record for most Oscar wins for acting.
First woman to win Best Actress for a horror/thriller film.
Most recent Best Actress winner whose co-star won Best Actor for the same film.
This Best Actress winner won the award for a performance in a film that was shelved for four years before it was finally released.
Since both her parents were deaf, this actress delivered the part of her acceptance speech directed at them in sign language.
First Actress nominated for and winning an Oscar under Martin Scorsese's direction.
Only Best Actress winner who's also an Oscar winner for screenwriting.
This Actress won her Oscar on the evening of her 25th birthday.
Finally won an Oscar for her 8th overall nomination, 32 years after being nominated for the first time.
The only Best Actress winner who had to beat a fellow nominee from the same film for the Oscar.
Among the fellow nominees she had to beat for the Oscar was her own sister.
This Best Actress winner famously forgot her Oscar in the ladies' room minutes after receiving it.
Upon her first Best Actress nomination, this later two-time Oscar winner lost against her own sister.
Is infamous for delivering the longest acceptance speech in Academy history, which lasted, depending on sources between 5 1/2 and 7 minutes.
When this Best Actress winner presented the Best Actor award one year later, she referred to her tearful acceptance speech by saying 'You probably all remember how wimpy I was.'
Primarily a stage actress, she won an Oscar for her film debut at age 54.
The first winner of two back-to-back Oscars for Best Actress.
When she beat Judy Garland's performance in 'A Star is Born', Groucho Marx called it 'the greatest robbery since Brinks'.
Only African-American Best Actress winner.

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