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Korean Air Lines1983: aircraft shot down by Soviet fighter jets
Pan Am1988: Lockerbie bombing
Ethiopian Airlines1996: aircraft ditches due to running out of fuel after being hijacked
American Airlines2001: hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11
Southern Airways1970: crashes in West Virginia with the Marshall University football team on board
American Airlines2001: crashes into Queens on its way to the Dominican Republic
Japan Airlines1985: deadliest single-aircraft crash in history
United Airlines2001: forced down near Shanksville after being hijacked on 9/11
Colgan Air2009: crashes near Buffalo
EgyptAir1999: aircraft mysteriously dives, crashing into the Atlantic Ocean
United Airlines2001: hijacked and crashed into the South Tower of the WTC on 9/11
Air France2009: aircraft stalls in a storm due to failure of pitot tubes, and crashes into the Atlantic Ocean
TWA1996: explodes south of Long Island
Swissair1998: crashes off the coast of Nova Scotia after a fire
BOAC1966: crashes near Mount Fuji shortly after takeoff
Comair2006: crashes just after takeoff in Lexington
American Airlines2001: hijacked and crashed into the North Tower of the WTC on 9/11
Alaska Airlines2000: crashes off the coast of California
Air India1985: blown up by terrorist bomb
American Airlines1979: deadliest crash in US aviation history occurs after takeoff in Chicago

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