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ClueVocabulary Word
an animal that eats other animals as well as plants
an animal with a body temperature that remains constant
behavior that is grounded in instincts and that is programmed into each animal's genes
when the right and left sides of an animals body are the same
soft, bonelike material found in vertebrates
a skeleton on the outside of an animal's body that protects the soft tissue inside
an animal with a body temperature that changes depending on environmental temperatures
an animal that has a backbone
an animal that only eats other animals
to travel from one place to another
ClueVocabulary Word
an animal that does not have a backbone
the disguising of an animal so that it blends in with its surroundings
to begin a period of inactivity and lowered body tempearatures
when an animal has legs or other body parts that are arranged like the spokes on a wheel
a developmental change in an animal's form or structure
the process of losing an outer layer, such as an exoskeleton
a special gland that is found in the chest or abdomen of a mammal and that produces milk to feed the animal's babies
the greatest teacher you have ever had
an innate behavior that is modified because of personal preference or because a new behavior is learned from watching others
an animal that only eats plants

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