World Heavyweight Championship (WWE)

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Reign No.WrestlerHint
1The Game
1WWE's first ever Grand Slam champion
2The Game
1He holds the distinct record of having the longest undefeated streak in sports-entertainment history—173 consecutive victories
3The Game
1The Rabid Wolverine
1The Viper
4The Game
5The Game
1Wrestling Machine
1Ultimate Underdog
1All Hail King...
1The Ultimate Opportunist
2The Ultimate Opportunist
3The Ultimate Opportunist
1Second City Saint
1The best in the world at what he does
2The best in the world at what he does
1Hustle Loyalty Respect
4The Ultimate Opportunist
2Hustle Loyalty Respect
Reign No.WrestlerHint
5The Ultimate Opportunist
1Legend Thriller
2Second City Saint
2Legend Thriller
3Second City Saint
3The best in the world at what he does
1The All American American American American...American
2Ultimate Underdog
1Big Red Monster
6The Ultimate Opportunist
1I Am Perfection
7The Ultimate Opportunist
1Captain Charisma
2The Viper
1Captain Charisma
3The Viper
1The Silverback
1World's Largest Athlete
1American Dragon
1Great White
2World's Largest Athlete
1It was his destiny
2I Am Perfection
2It was his destiny
3Hustle Loyalty Respect
4The Viper

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