Catching Fire: French Revolution

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Can you name the primary economic resource for France at the time of the Revolution?

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Cause For Revolution
Can you name the Queen known for her 'wasteful splendor'?
Can you name a reason for depleted French funds?
Can you name the members of the highest Estate of France?
Can you name the King who was responsible for a bankrupted France?
Can you name the primary part of France's economy at the time of the Revolution?
Can you name the other name for the middle class merchants of France?
Can you name the Estate of the Nobility?
Can you name the term for government spending more than the revenues they collect?
Can you name the type of government that has both a King and a constitution?
Can you name the action taken by the Third Estate to take advantage of their bloc of the people they controlled when shut out by the King and the other Estates?

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