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When was the TV inventedearlier than you might think
What % of your vision do you lose when you lose an eye? Pirates would know
Legal cutoff for blindnessex. 20-20, 20-40
Percent of alcoholics who are mennot a happy fact for men
Largest country completely surrounded by another countryIn Africa/ one of only 3
The Vatican, and San Marino are surrounded by what countryViva Italia!
Jimmy Carsons Tonight Show starting salary(Dollars) *not counting for inflation*
Conan O' Brien's Tonight Show starting salarywow
QuestionAwnser(Maybe) helpful hint
Number of cars per parking space in AmericaThe cause of so many parking tickets?
1st year New York had no snow for a whole month since the 1800swow again
How many thoughts do you have per minuteits 70,000 thoughts per day
Number of states that spanking is a legal punishment in schoolsnot legal in Ohio *yay*
Number of states you can hunt fish with a Submachine gunI want to live there
German version of '911'Nein!!!
Triskaedekaphobia is the fear of what number?FDR, and Napolean had it

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