European Countries Invaded in World War II

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Can you name the Countries Invaded in World War II?

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DateCountryExtra Notes
March, 1938(Technically was annexed)
March, 1939(Technically was annexed)
September 1st, 1939*Started World War II*
December, 1939*Wasn't successfully invaded*
April, 1940
April, 1940
May 10, 1940
May 10, 1940
May 10, 1940
May 10, 1940
May 10, 1940*By the Allies*
June 30th, 1940*Just the Channel Islands*
October, 1940
October, 1940
October, 1940
October 28th, 1940
February 3rd, 1941
April, 1941
June 22nd, 1941*Including Ukraine, Belarus*
September 1943*Liberated*
June 6, 1944*Liberated*
August 1st, 1944*Liberated*
January 1st, 1945*Ended World War II in Europe*

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