Chapter 1 Nature of Waves

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Overlapping of two waves
An object vibrates at a frequency that causes another object with the same frequency to begin vibrating
Waves that do not require a medium to travel (Visible Light)
Disturbance that transmits energy
The bending of light when going through a different medium
Amount of waves to travel past a fixed point in a certain amount of time
Combination of of the two types of waves
Area of a wave where the particles of the medium are spread apart
Waves bending to get around an obstacle
Area of a wave where the particles of the medium are squeezed together
Moves the particles of the medium perpendicularly to the direction the wave is traveling
Wave that requires a medium to travel (Sound)
Two waves overlap and cancel each other out
Substance that waves travel through
Distance between two crests that are next to each other
Highest point of a wave
Height of a wave
Moves the particles of the medium back and forth with the direction of the wave
Waves bouncing back after hitting a barrier
The velocity at which waves travel through a medium
One crest overlaps another crest
Lowest point of a wave

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